IMGL9089Duplici was founded in 2012 as a SaaS-based startup developing CRM-related solutions for marketers in the hospitality industry. Founders Dillon Roulet and Craig Rowley found a need to connect distributors with their customers to gain critical purchase cycle data. Duplici’s flagship platform, Noctopus was ultimately sold off in 2013.

After the sale of our SaaS business, we decided to take a new direction. Duplici was rebranded as media and entertainment development company with a focus on content marketing and music industry development. Today, Duplici has two units: Duplici Media, and Duplici Entertainment.



Duplici Media

Our content marketing division, led by Dillon Roulet works with b2b clients of all sizes to create unique, insightful content strategy. We provide brand-positioning through clear and concise content with personal attention not found at larger firms. To date, we’ve helped our clients generate over $100 Million in capital through venture funding, increased revenue and acquisitions.


Duplici Entertainment

Our entertainment division, led by Craig Rowley serves as both an advisory and investment arm for entertainment companies, talent and distributors. Current investments and engagements include Grammy nominated Artists and Producers, as well as ‘Ground-Up’ Artist Development and freelance A&R.


Duplici is a Dallas-based limited liability corporation.