Duplici | Executive Blogging 101: What You Need To Know
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Executive Blogging 101: What You Need To Know

Executive Blogging 101: What You Need To Know

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile is well known for his blog.
John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile is well known for his executive blog.


These days, almost every company has some sort of a blog. Whether it’s an insight-rich encyclopedia of the company’s history, vision and thoughts, or a mere landing page for regurgitated press releases, few corporate marketing plans have no mention of the word blog. But how are executives utilizing this space? Are you, the Chief Executive, weighing in on the trends articulated in your blog? More often than not, the answer is no. The task of blog management and planning is often delegated to an individual in a junior-level role, with no input or participation from the C-Suite. Shouldn’t the voice of a company receive at least some input from its leadership? Yes, and check out these tips below to increase your participation on your corporate blog.


Building A ‘Chief Awareness Officer’

The core of any marketing strategy is boosting brand awareness. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a seed-stage venture, consumers need to become familiar with your offering. Just as companies invest in brand awareness initiatives, so should executives invest in the expansion their own clout. Working with your Public Relations firm to build a strategy to boost executive awareness is a great starting point. Express your goal to increase thought leadership through a strong, C-Suite-focused PR strategy. Take on more interviews. Schedule guest op-ed’s with industry relevant publications and periodicals. No company CEO should sit silent.


Mark Cuban runs an Executive Blog called 'Blog Maverick'

Mark Cuban runs an Executive Blog called ‘Blog Maverick’


Engaging and Socializing

It may seem redundant to emphasize the importance of Social Media Strategy. But, while companies may have elaborately-planned social media campaigns, their CEO’s do not. In fact, CEO.com reports that 68% of CEO’s have no social media presence at all. That’s crazy! A powerful executive-driven blog should include a social strategy specific to executive goals— not corporate goals. Complementing your blog with a significant social strategy is imperative for success. Being engaged in conversations via Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook is critical for understanding where and what your industry is talking about. You don’t have to become a social media guru to see success. Test the waters with different platforms to find where most of the conversation is happening, and then focus your efforts on those locations.

Your Executive Content Strategy and Corporate Content Strategy Are Different

While a corporate content strategy may be designed to drive brand awareness and sales, your executive content strategy has different goals. Marketing and promoting executives should be done with the intent of boosting corporate competency and transparency. Consumers want to hear from the leaders of the products and services they provide. Thus, a content strategy for a CEO must reflect this notion, and not serve as an extension of an already existing corporate strategy. Find a partner who understands the needs and goals of the C-Suite, and how to implement the best strategies to see success. Executive content strategy should be influenced by already existing executive marketing initiatives like speaking engagements, interviews, webinars and industry association affiliations.


Building off these three simple starting points will help you see success in building a better executive content strategy. Duplici has helped CEO’s from companies of all shapes and sizes enhance their digital voice through clear and concise content. To find out more about how Duplici works with Executives to build a strong content strategy, shoot us a line.

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