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Duplici 2019 Publisher Survey

Duplici 2019 Publisher Survey


We are excited to release the results of our 2019 Niche Publisher Survey in our Q1 Industry Review. Duplici surveyed 100 publishers serving niche audiences, with annual revenues between $5-100 Million. Publishers were asked to detail their strengths, weaknesses, goals and vision for both near-term and long-term leveraging of 1st party data.


Leveraging 1st party data is undoubtedly a hot topic. And we’re beginning to see proof that larger publishers are acquiring the needed tools to maximize their 1st party data utilization. With the evolution of more intelligent data management capabilities, it’s only a matter of time before mainstream media properties begin to see success. But will niche publishers yield the same results? We wanted to find out.

What We Wanted To Know

This survey intended to answer three primary questions:

  1. Are niche publishers optimistic they can leverage 1st party data as a revenue-generating tool?
  2. Do niche publishers feel the right tools, partners and solutions exist to help them effectively monetize 1st party data?
  3. Are niche publishers prepared to rollout new 1st party data products and solutions in 2019?

What We Discovered

The results of the survey uncovered a couple of key findings. First, an overwhelming majority of niche publishers are optimistic they have the potential to use 1st party data as a new means of monetization, but also acknowledge the need to improve the amount and type of data captured.

Second, there is a significant divide in outlook between publishers with <$40M and publishers with >$40M. Publishers with larger revenue figures feel they have adequate access to the right toolset to better leverage 1st party data, and have a clear strategy to improve their data management and utilization in 2019. However, smaller publishers do not feel the right tools exist that cater to their data needs, and do not see 1st party data becoming a significant monetization tool in 2019.


Full results and analysis will be released in our Q1 Industry Review, available to Duplici clients at the end of the month. An abbreviated report will also be available for download in April.

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